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Standing Vinyasa Flow

Hello , I hope all is well with you

This will be last part, continued from our previous blog. Its time for us to link all the postures together.

We will flow from Warrior 2 to Extended side angle - to Warrior 2 to reverse warrior.

There is no strict number of how many breaths should you stay in each pose. You can stay one breath or you can stay longer- from 3-5 breaths in each pose. In your personal practise, you choose.

One thing you should keep in mind is mindful movement, so your breath and your movement should link together.

Flow Example One Breath Movement

  • Start from Tadasana - Mountain Pose

  • Inhale with arms up

  • Exhale Uttanasana

  • Inhale Ardha Uttanasana - half way lengthen your spine

  • Exhale and step leg back to Warrior 2 - Virabhadrasana 2

  • Inhale - Exhale Side angle pose - Parsvakonasana

  • Inhale back to Warrior 2

  • Exhale to Reverse Warrior

  • Inhale to Warrior 2

  • Exhale step leg forward back to Uttanasana - forward fold

  • Inhale and come all the way up to Tadasana

When you are inhaling and exhaling its 4 count of breaths, and maintaining an even breath throughout the flow.

Self practise is important.

Take your time, no rush, enjoy and feel it

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