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How to enjoy Utthita Parsvakonasana | Extended Side Angle Pose

Energizing Pose

Link this movement from Warrior 2 Pose to Extended Side Angle Pose

I hope everybody is well

This post is continuing from the previous blog ( warrior 2 ).

Another basic yoga asana that offers us not only stretching but also strengthening the side of the body is Utthita Parsvakonasana or commonly called Extended Side Angle Pose.

Utthita means to extend and it describes how you set up the legs and arms in this pose

Parsva means side or flank and describes the side of the body

Kona means angle

Asana means posture

This is one of the important standing yoga poses wherein the body muscles and nerves experience adequate stretching. Since this powerful yoga asana gives appropriate stretching from toes to fingers and involves muscular and nerve stimulation of body parts like legs, ankles, groin, chest, lungs, shoulders, spine, and abdomen, it is regarded as modern exercise yoga.

Extended Side Angle Pose - Easy and Steady

Benefits of this posture

  • Strengthens Legs, knees, and ankles

  • Stretches legs, ankles, knees, groin, spine, waist, chest, lungs and shoulders

  • Stimulates abdominal organs

  • Increases stamina /energy

How to make this pose adapt to your body

From warrior 2 stage ( 3.5 - 4 feet apart )

Turn right foot to right side, keep the back foot in the beginning position or slightly turned inward, back heel will be at an angle. Keep your back foot firmly grounded. Look at your heel to make sure its aligned ( front foot arch to back heel ).

How is your front knee?

Bend your right knee

You have 3 options

- knee above ankle

- knee a bit over the ankle

- knee bit behind the ankle

Knee should not be over your big toe or your second toe

Try, feel and choose which option suits you

How are your Legs?

Front thigh engaged

Back leg firm, rotate your thigh out

Back foot grounded , glued to floor.

How are your Hips

Open your hips and groin

Hips level and pelvis neutral

Draw your navel and lower abdominal in

Tail bone down


Right arm : Straight up to ceiling with palm facing to side or bring it over your head with palm facing down

Left arm : extend down in front of front leg, keep contact between arm and lower leg or place lower arm at your thigh ( remember not resting :) )


Extend your body over the right leg. Keep your torso and spine long as you side bend

Revolve the ribcage up towards the ceiling and feel the lengthening from side body to your heel

Extended Sise Angle Pose - Challenging and Steady


Check your neck is lengthened and chin slightly in

You can gaze up

or look straight to the side

or look toward the floor

Breath to your pose, breath freely here

Feel your upper body is light

Feel your feet are grounded

Try and let me know how you feel

We have one more pose to link with this and the previous pose.

We will flow from warrior 2 - side angle pose - warrior 2 - reverse warrior.

Thank you for reading and trying this


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