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Tadasana | Standing Posture

The first posture in yoga asana appears to look very simple, just standing on two feet.

So it can make us rush though the pose without feeling we need to know any more about it.

Let's get to know more about this pose called Tadasana.

Tadasana comes from Sanskrit meaning Mountain Pose

Tada means mountain and Asana means posture

In Tadasana we keep the body active and aligned. (note that everyone has a different alignment ).

So Tadasana is more than just standing there. It requires that you be aware of every part of your body and how each part feels when aligned.

Lets try and see how being in Tadasana feels :

You should be standing on a level surface

Your feet should be a hip's width apart or alternatively big toes touching and heels slightly apart

Once you have made your choice of feet position ask these questions.

Do I have my weight equally balanced on each foot on the floor ?

Am I standing with my weight evenly balanced between the heels and balls of my feet ?

Do the arches of my feet feel active ( try this by lifting your toes up ) ?

Does it feel right and comfortable?

Let's move up to your legs

Keep both legs active

Feel like you are lifting your kneecaps

Engage your quadricep muscles

Engage your inner thighs ( feel like you are pressing a block between them )

Now see how your feet and legs feel together. Do they feel aligned?

Now your hip area

Do you feel your hips are pushing forward?

Do you feel your hips are too far back?

Try to find a neutral position for your hips between those two positions

Firm your muscles in the abdominal area by slightly drawing your navel in.

Keep the natural curve at your lower back

Roll your shoulders back and down and now feel your chest is more open

Your arms should be hanging naturally by your sides

Your chin should be in a neutral position, not sticking out or drawn back.

Keep your neck long

Raise the crown of your head towards the ceiling

Soften your face muscles and relax your jaw.

Now check from feet to head

Do you feel your legs are strongly supporting your body

If you all feel alright, now lets add the breathing while you hold the posture.

For each cycle of breathing

Inhale through your nostrils for 4 counts of breath

Exhale through your nostrils for 4 counts of breath

Now lets stay in the Tadasana pose for 10 breath cycles

Maybe we will learn from Tadasana how to stand strongly in our daily life activities.

See you soon for the next asana ( yoga posture )

Namaste & Salam


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