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Warrior 2 Pose | Virabhadrasana ( part 1 )

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Be your own Warrior

strong enough to Effect and Defend positive change in your life

Asana - Pose Name

Today I will share one of the basic standing postures in yoga asana. Have you heard of Warrior 2? Yes, today let's get to know Warrior 2 deeper.

Virabhadrasana 2 is the sanskrit name for Warrior 2. It's named after the Hindu mythological warrior, Virabhadra, an incarnation of the god Shiva. Virabhadra was a tall, dark, and fierce deity, depicted with a thousand arms, flaming hair and eyes, and wearing a garland of skulls.

Mythology of Warrior

In this Hindu myth, Daksha had a ritual sacrifice, but he failed to invite his youngest daughter, Sati, or her husband, Shiva. Sati found out about this ritual and crashed the party which led to her and her father getting into a fierce fight. Daksha’s harsh words and insults hurt Sati so much that she threw herself into the sacrificial fire as she didn't want to be associated with the body that her father gave her. When Shiva found out about his wife’s sacrifice, he was devastated. In a moment of grief, he yanked out a lock of his hair, threw it on the ground, and the warrior Virabhadra (Vira meaning hero and bhadra meaning friend) appeared. This powerful warrior went to the party, sliced off Daksha’s head, and planted it on a stake.

Warrior Poses are not meant to honour violence. Warrior poses challenge and test us but in doing so bring us strength, focus, confidence and courage.

We learn to battle ego and ignorance.

Warrior 2 pose, Your right hand is in the future, your left hand is in the past.

Gaze into the future, have the courage to be here in the Present

How to enjoy the pose

1 . Distance of your stance

3.5 - 4 feet apart, try and feel it, both feet parallel.

Now turn the right foot to right side, keep the back foot in the beginning position or slightly turned inward, back heel will be in angle. Keep your back foot firmly grounded. Look at your heel to make sure its aligned.

2 . How is your front knee?

Bend your right knee

You have 3 options

- Knee above ankle

- knee a bit over the ankle

- knee bit behind the ankle

Knee should not be over your big toe and your second toe

Try, feel and choose which option suits you

3. How are your Legs?

Front thigh engaged

Back leg firm , rotate your thigh out

4. How are your Hips

Open your hips and groin

Hips level and Pelvis neutral

Draw your navel in, lower abdominal in

Tail bone down

5. Check your hips and chest are facing to the side. Do not let your torso lean more to the bent knee

6. Draw your ribcage in ( not puffed out )

7. Expand your chest

8. Arms parallel with floor palms facing down

9. Shoulders down

10. Spread your fingers wide

11 . Soft gaze to your right fingers

Keep breathing , inhale and exhale though your nostrils

How is your feeling ?

This pose is energizing, centering, grounding

Challenge not only your physical focus but also your mental focus here and now


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