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Utkatasana | Powerful Posture

Updated: May 22, 2023

It is a strengthening and heat-building asana that brings all parts of your body together

Tips for chair pose

🪑Press firmly through the feet to create more lift in the upper body. Keep the weight evenly distributed between the heels and the balls of the feet

🪑Practice the action in the legs first with your hands on your hips or the back of a (stable) chair for support.

🪑Think about squeezing your legs together as if they are one to make them stronger

🪑When the feet are together the inner thigh muscles (Adductors) work hard to keep the inner knees touching.

🪑When the feet are hip distance apart there is much more focus on the Rectus Femoris, which is the central Quadriceps muscle, as it flexes the hip.

🪑When the feet are hip distance apart the knees must track directly over the ankles to prevent any rotation of the knee joint.

Common Mistakes in Chair Pose

🧘‍♀️The swayback

There are times when it's good to arch the back like in movement cat/cow pose but this isn't one of them.

we are looking for your natural curve, tailbone slightly down, and keep a spine long

🧘‍♀️The knees

when you look down at your knees, you should be able to see your kneecaps in line with each other, and your toes peeking out from under them. (If you can't see your toes,

then you've got too much weight in the balls of the feet and you should try to sit a little deeper and distribute the weight evenly in the feet).

Knees splayed. This disrupts the natural alignment of your hips, knees, and feet and feeds imbalance in the muscles. If you tend to open your knees too far, try placing a block between them to retrain your mind.

You may not go down as far at first, but over time the muscles will adjust and balance out.

🧘‍♀️Shoulders up. Rotate your upper arm bones away from your ears to move your shoulder blades down your back or work with the modifications listed above until your shoulders are neutral n your elbows are straight.

🧘‍♀️Straight torso.

As you bend your knees to come into utkatasana, lean your torso forward one-quarter of the way to avoid strain on your low back n sacrum

Physical Benefits

  • Strengthens feet, ankles, calves, and thighs

  • Strengthens back and spine

  • Cultivates balance

  • When you bring awareness into the feet, this pose helps to reduce flat feet by lifting the arches

  • Lengthens side body, shoulders, and chest

Step by step

  • Stand in tadasana, feet hip-width distance apart and facing straight ahead. (If you are used to walking with splayed feet, be sure that your second toe is aligned to the long edge of your mat. It might feel a little pigeon toed at first, but this alignment will improve your balance and stability.)

  • Bend your knees and move your bottom back and down, as if you were to sit in a chair.

  • At the same time, move your torso forward one-quarter of the way. Keep your pelvis neutral, not tucked or tilted. It is a natural movement.

  • Inhale as you raise your arms up around your ears and soften your shoulders

  • Keep reaching higher, while sitting lower for 5 to 10 breaths

  • To come back into in Tadasana, exhale, as you press your feet down to straighten your legs and then bring your arms down to your sides.

Props for Chair Pose

  • Chair

  • Wall

  • Block : place between inner thighs , or knees and hands

  • Roll yoga mat or Blanket or towel place under the heels

  • Resistance band around the thighs

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